I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone at my neighbor to make myself feel better.


Type Co-working Space
Abilities Sweet Conference Room
Weaknesses Chamber of Commerce Bureaucracy

This offpsring of the powers that were has the outward appearance of a cat and the zest and new-economy appeal of a well-established Cracker Barrel. Its habitat is lonely industrial hinterland where it can lurk and play among the jails, bail bondsmen, the DMV, and be fed by kindly Comcast employees. The distinct battle cry of Cataliszt sounds like a French horn wrestling with a tuba in a blender.


Type Recruiter
Abilities Nautically-themed name
Weaknesses Clarity

A rare carnivorous plant that only exists in South Carolina. Symbiotic with Knotfoss, it gathers resumés from cold-weather organisms with a display of beaches and tales of fine weather. If you’re lucky you leave with a new job. If you’re unlucky you’ll be trapped in pluff mud waiting for better pay or high tide.


Type Co-working Space
Weaknesses Direct Questions

This long-lived Pokéstop draws local startups into a Pokésymbiosis with promises of short-term rent commitments and life-giving Synergy. It battles its many enemies with a 2.7 knot beam of pure self-congratulation extracted from the life-force of its tenants. Cooridork apparently also gives loans to Trainers that have pleased it.


Type Not Known
Abilities Come-Hither Portraits, Ben Wong
Weaknesses Self-Unawareness

This half-man, half-squirrel, half-hearted gestalt of contributions from well-meaning, but poorly-executing highly-evolved local Pokécorps uses the glittering lure of FOSS to deliver the confusingly disappointing gift of less pay for more beach.


Type Conference
Abilities F-bombs, Shindigs
Weaknesses Technology

Digimon wakes for but one week a year, although his coming is foretold weekly and whispered of by his followers when the gather in the night to exchange worship cards. Its attack extracts a horrible price from its prey, but leaves them feeling strangely elated and knowledgeable, at least for a time.


Type Incubator
Abilities Rainbows, Unicorns, Narwhals
Weaknesses Afternoons

This Pokégym contains a super-collider deep beneath King Street made of DNA from Patrick Bryant and a mid-80s Xerox copy machine. Its mentors attract startups during the pupae stage and wrap them in a warm chrysalis of hype. Within this nourishing womb, the blossoming enterprises are bred to fight each other using the power to point, at least until happy-hour.


Type Coworking Space
Abilities Arts and Crafts
Weaknesses West Ashley

Jerriachu inhabits the chic Avondale District where it frolics among the vintage furniture and 1940s architecture. It uses art to disarm its attacker, then extracts creative ideas. Its habitat lacks only for parking which is in short supply unless you're traveling on Savannah Highway.


Type Co-working Space
Abilities Funky Smells, Upscale-ness
Weaknesses Parking

This amphibian marched into Silicon Harbor on a parade float all the way from Bourbon Street, creating a second line of high-end office space downtown. Its skin produces an odorous gas that when inhaled makes startups move, groove, and eventually give up da funk.


Type Innovation Consultant
Abilities Novelty, Bar Charts
Weaknesses Ambiguous Business Model

The evolved form of Lilipaad, Liliphat surrounds its victims in a buzzing cloud of words until new forms of the hapless victim spin out on their own. These newly-created younglings are often easy pickings for larger and hungrier Pokémon, but sometimes they manage to live long enough to establish themselves enough to become additional targets for Liliphat in their own right.


Type Agency
Abilities Code, Beer-related metaphors
Weaknesses Tired Iconography, Full-Stack Developers

Lilipier is the ultimate evolution of Liliphat. This rare and fearsome entity takes the form of an angular, plant-like stalk surrounded by many unpredictably-budding nodes. Get tangled in the sea of sharp pythons emitted by this monster and you won't know your front-end from your back-end.


Type Maker Space
Abilities 3D Printing, Solder
Weaknesses Insufficient Dwyer

Other Lowcountry Pokémon rightfully fear this small, but mighty creature made from corrugated silicon, Sweet&Low packets and CAT5. Its internal energy is so great that from time to time it ejects part of its own body to spawn new Pokemon.


Type Maker Space
Abilities Maximum Dwyer
Weaknesses Leeds Avenue

The latest child of Resit0r to spin out into the world. Reefurge is not really a single Pokémon, but actually many Pokémon living symbiotically within a skeletal structure comprised of ramen noodles and unwashed t-shirts. As yet untested in battle, it remains to be seen if Reefurge will be able to cohere and thrive.


Type Incubator
Abilities Regionalism, Post Its
Weaknesses Regionalism, Post Its

Apparently having swallowed Jerriachu, our new accelerator skims the cream that rises to the top of the barrel of ideas. The cream then gets churned by hyper-local conflict-free artisans into one-of-a-kind butter to put atop a steaming-hot bowl of my grits, which you can kiss after you put a bird on it.
(No shrimp were harmed in the prodution of these grits.)


Type Government
Abilities Research, .org domain
Weaknesses Obscurity

Distinguished by a rare third nipple, this creature searches out IP and commercializes it by combining it with random gold-plated parts to form deadly weapons. It can be defeated by Bonds -- Junk Bonds -- but only if interest rates go up.


Type News
Abilities Releasing Press
Weaknesses Excessive Optimism

Crawling along the edge of the harbor, this creature uses its keen sense of smell to find craft beer, because that’s where the local entrepreneurs will be. Its staff includes a crawdad, a tailor, and a hermit crab. If you need a fluff piece for your startup, send a press release.


Type PR Firm
Abilities Spin, Blogging
Weaknesses John Osbourne's Eyes

Sort of like a sea-star if it was all mouth, this small but well-followed critter offends its enemies by belching out the truth, wrapping them in it, and then drawing them into its waiting maw as it takes it all back.


Type Evangelist
Abilities Ra-Ra!
Weaknesses Meh

If sufficiently addled, this character discharges a thundershock of pure encouragement approaching Richard Simmons intensity. We’re not sure how to defeat something so awful, but rest assured we’re collaborating with Lewis Black, Lego Batman, and those two old guys from The Muppet Show to build a new kind of snark ray. Chuckspirae uses YouTube to stream hip hop lyrics at its haters. If that doesn’t work, it tries a sarcastic greeting card.